Let’s go for my web review for the week 2021-43.

Reflections as the Internet Archive turns 25 - Internet Archive Blogs

Tags: tech, internet, commons

Another very important common turns 25 this year. Happy birthday Internet Archive!

Privacy is a Human Right | Tor Blog

Tags: tech, tor, fundraising

Fundraising from the Tor project, especially nice message this year.

Google sought fellow tech giants’ help in stalling kids’ privacy protections, states allege

Tags: google, facebook, gafam, surveillance

Basically an attempt at building a cartel of the surveillance capitalism companies to slow down privacy regulations… how surprising, not.

Can we trust Microsoft with Open Source? - Dusted Codes

Tags: microsoft, free-software

Unlike what the usual PR claims, Microsoft keeps being Microsoft… lots of infighting and tensions.

Despite having just 5.8% sales, over 38% of bug reports come from the Linux community

Tags: tech, linux, quality

This is in the context of a game, but from my experience in other domains… this is definitely why you want Linux users when you make a product. Might not generate a lots of sales but the signal/noise ratio in the bug reports is just great.

RSS is Wonderful ·

Tags: tech, rss, web, social-media

Since I’m still hoping for a strong RSS revival (not that it disappeared but I wish it was more the default option again), this post especially resonated with me. The discovery tool sounds very interesting.

RFC 3339 vs ISO 8601

Tags: tech, date, rfc3339, iso8601

Dates are important, they can also be complicated. When unsure about how a format works this page can help.

CookLang: recipe markup language

Tags: tech, cooking

Funny interesting tiny markup language targeting cooking. Funnily enough I could see myself using this.

When you’re a manager, your behavior is under a microscope - Jacob Kaplan-Moss

Tags: management, leadership

Like it or not but the “manager” label indeed changes interpersonal dynamics.

Jobs that Marry Together the Most | FlowingData

Tags: statistics, data-science

Interesting exploration of statistics around marriage (in the US). Some jobs are definitely more staying in their own circles than others.

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