Let’s go for my web review for the week 2021-37.

A spoonful of sugar opens a path to longer lasting lithium sulfur batteries – ScienceDaily

Tags: battery, energy

If confirmed and possible to industrialize quickly this could have an interesting impact on public transportation.

The Very First Webcam Was Invented to Keep an Eye on a Coffee Pot at Cambridge University | Open Culture

Tags: tech, web, coffee, innovation

This is an interesting anecdote. Academics and engineers do indeed run on coffee for most of them. Apparently it’s a driving force for innovation. :-)

Social networks - It’s worse than you think

Tags: tech, social-media

Alright, interesting result… puts a nail in the coffin of social media being a positive force in the world ever. At that point it’s not only about the toxic architecture of the ones running from ads… it’s more fundamental than that. It’d definitely need to be completely rethought.

Facebook under fire over secret teen research - BBC News

Tags: tech, facebook, instagram, social-media

Those companies get more creepy by the minute… it’s a never ending train of such social experiments.

Oracle SQL Is The Devil – Coding To Freedom

Tags: tech, oracle, databases

Between DB2 and Oracle, those old closed source databases are really a pain to work with.

10 Cool SQL Optimisations That do not Depend on the Cost Model – Java, SQL and jOOQ.

Tags: tech, databases, sql, optimization

Interesting set of SQL optimizations. Also shows PostgreSQL still had (has?) some room for improvement.

A categorized list of all Java and JVM features since JDK 8 to 17 - Advanced Web Machinery

Tags: tech, java

Nice comprehensive list of new features since Java 8.


Tags: tech, frontend, web, markdown

Looks like an interesting web markdown editor.

Designing Beautiful Shadows in CSS

Tags: tech, web, css, frontend

Nice exploration of how to produce shadows in CSS. Make sure to read it all the way until the filter + drop-shadow approach.

Python Anti-Pattern :: Valinsky

Tags: tech, programming, python

Illustration of one of the traps I hate most with Python.

rr: lightweight recording & deterministic debugging

Tags: tech, debugging, c++

Interesting debugger to complete your arsenal next to GDB. Super nice to be able to travel back in time.

PyTrace - Time Travel Debugger for Python

Tags: tech, debugging, python

Similar to RR but for Python.

The Time Travel Debugger for Web Development

Tags: tech, debugging, web, react, javascript, typescript

Similar to RR but for web frontends.

Bye for now!