Let’s go for my web review for the week 2021-27.

Chatcontrol: European Parliament approves mass surveillance of private communications – Patrick Breyer

Tags: tech, europe, surveillance, dystopia

Constant monitoring of communications. Lovely…

New EDRi report reveals depths of biometric mass surveillance in Germany, the Netherlands and Poland - European Digital Rights (EDRi)

Tags: tech, europe, surveillance, dystopia

As if monitoring communications wasn’t enough… biometric surveillance is already on going in some of the EU states.

Amazon shifts Lumberyard to open source 3D game engine supported by 20 companies | VentureBeat

Tags: tech, amazon, 3d, free-software

OK, this is actually a very big deal. I think it’s the first AAA game 3D engine which gets open sourced. This could be very impactful to the industry.

YAGNI exceptions -

Tags: tech, craftsmanship, design, programming, logging

This is actually a good list. Clearly doesn’t try to invalidate YAGNI at all, focuses more on this infrastructure things you need on most projects anyway either for debug purpose or because they allow you to change the system easily later which in fact… supports YAGNI.

Does elegance matter? | Pydon’t | Mathspp

Tags: tech, elegance, programming, python

Very good points about why elegance matters in code. It’s definitely something I try to keep in mind in code reviews. One has to be careful not to use too obscure features of the language though. For instance, you’re mostly fine in Python where what it considered idiomatic is somewhat well defined, you’re much more in trouble in C++ which isn’t as cohesive.

Annotell: Code Custodian - how to clean your code

Tags: tech, programming, mob-programming, technical-debt, craftsmanship

Interesting use of mob/ensemble programming to tackle technical debt on projects.

Bye for now!