Let’s go for my web review for the week 2021-25.

The Most Dangerous Censorship - Continuing Ed — with Edward Snowden

Tags: censorship

Self-censorship is indeed the worst type of censorship. It’s also the one the power that be prefer, it’s better when peoples just stay quiet, less work to control them this way.

Canon put AI cameras in its Chinese offices that only let smiling workers inside - The Verge

Tags: tech, surveillance, dystopia

How do you like your dystopia? You better be happy about it apparently… This really shows that unlike some fantasies we’re unlikely to be replaced by machines, it’s clear that instead we’re being pushed to act and think like machines.

State of the Windows: How many layers of UI inconsistencies are in Windows 10? – NTDEV

Tags: tech, windows, legacy

Interesting exploration on the amount of legacy a platform can accumulate over time.

Database Architects: What Every Programmer Should Know About SSDs

Tags: tech, storage, ssd

Neat introduction to how SSDs work.

Benchmarking JavaScript Memory Usage - WebPageTest Blog

Tags: tech, web, frontend, javascript, memory, profiling

At last some interesting tooling for profiling memory usage of web frontends. Clearly this is very early days though, this will get more interesting as the tooling makes progress. Some of the numbers in the benchmarks they came up with in this article are very scary though.

How to Spread Technical Practices Like TDD in an Organization

Tags: tech, tests, craftsmanship, coaching, agile, mob-programming, pairing

Interesting coaching approach for teams. It’s indeed hard to get teams to stick to some of the difficult development practices… By mixing several approaches, this looks like she’s onto something here.

The 2021 Software Developer Shortage Is Coming | July 2021 | Communications of the ACM

Tags: tech, hr

A bit US centric but likely to apply more generally. It seems like their will be a developer shortage and recruiting skilled people will become harder.

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