Getting ready for giving out a training tonight. Still, here is my latest web review for the week 2021-24.

Farewell, Millennial Lifestyle Subsidy - The New York Times

Tags: economics, uber

Looks like people are finally waking up it was a whole economy built on sand…

Apple admits it ranked its Files app ahead of competitor Dropbox - The Verge

Tags: apple

Never forget who owns the walled garden you get your software from…

If the Scrum Alliance Cared

Tags: tech, scrum

Clearly that’s a big “if”… I don’t think we’ll ever see the Scrum Alliance really care about developers.

10 Admirable Attributes of a Great Technical Lead | by Elye | Jun, 2021 | Better Programming

Tags: tech, management, leadership, tech-lead

I think this is a very good summary of what being in the position of a tech lead entails. I especially like the bottom line of this article: it’s a constant balancing act between your heart or your mind.

Most of the points pushed forward in this article are things I’ve been trying to achieve for a long time. It also summarizes fairly well most of the topics I go through for coaching situations with tech leads or people growing in the position.

Disasters I’ve seen in a microservices world

Tags: tech, microservices, backend, frontend, databases

Stay away from the hype and introduce complexity in your systems only if it’s warranted by the problem space you have to tackle. Most organizations don’t need microservices, use them responsibly.

Book summary: A Philosophy of Software Design

Tags: tech, design, programming, complexity

Second time I bump into this book being mentioned somewhere. This good summary really makes me want to read it. At least it gives a clear overview of complexity and how it’s tied to other softer topics. I especially like the distinction between tactical and strategic, it’s one I do often. I think I’m particularly willing to read the chapters about comments and TDD… from the summary it seems it’s where I’m the most at odd with the ideas in there.

A collection of modern alternatives to common unix commands

Tags: tech, command-line

A collection of nice CLI tools. Got some of them already, still there are a few more which look interesting.

Identify anything

Tags: tech, command-line, python, security

Looks like a very interesting tool, in particular for security purposes.

##linux on freenode – Linux.Chat

Tags: tech, irc, freenode

Freenode keeps going down the drain. It feels like watching a train wreck.

Freenode commits suicide, is no longer a serious IRC network

Tags: irc, freenode

This is a sad death…

Bye for now!