Let’s go for my web review for the week 2021-23.

We’re All Paying for Someone Else’s 4-Hour Work Week, Not Ours | by Jessica Wildfire | May, 2021 | An Injustice!

Tags: economics

I read that book out of curiosity a long while ago. This post articulates quite well why I hated it. It’s built upon selfishness and inequalities.

Don’t let Social Media Think for You

Tags: tech, social-media, attention-economy

A good illustration on why social media are toxic for our thinking. They push us to focus on anecdotes and as such miss the big picture. No wonder everything got so polarized so quickly there.

Ban Biometric Surveillance - Access Now

Tags: tech, surveillance, facial-recognition

Very important open letter, this kind of biometric surveillance is becoming pervasive and should be stopped earlier than later.

Plasma 5.22 - KDE Community

Tags: tech, kde

Obviously thrilled to see this one released. This is a good one. :-)

Abstract Syntax Tree for Patching Code and Assessing Code Quality | Soroco Engineering

Tags: tech, python, quality, refactoring

AST tooling is great for porting code and code quality checks. Here are a couple of examples in python.

Don’t Feed the Thought Leaders - Earthly Blog

Tags: tech, management, forecasting, decision-making

Very interesting discussion about decision making and forecasting. I’m discovering Tetlock as he is mentioned and his findings are interesting in their own right as well.

So you messed up. Now what? - Jacob Kaplan-Moss

Tags: tech, project-management, estimates

Last part about estimates. Plenty of very good advises again on how to deal not meeting a deadline. Communicating the bad news early is key.

Stockdale Paradox — Why optimists don’t survive software projects | by Ben Hosking | Jun, 2021 | Dev Genius

Tags: tech, project-management, estimates

Excellent advises on project planning and management. It explains pretty well why being optimist in those areas will just drive your project through a wall.

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