Let’s go for my web review for the week 2021-22.

Why the World is Running Out of Computers - YouTube

Tags: tech, cpu, economics, shortage

Per usual the sponsor placement is a bit annoying. Still the content is very interesting if you were still wondering why we have a chip shortage. Complex supply chains for the win.

Even LinkedIn Is Overrun by Influencers | Index

Tags: tech, social-media, linkedin, attention-economy

I’m on that social media for work reason, still oh boy… how much I hate it. This article pretty much summarizes why.

What the heck, z-index??

Tags: tech, web, frontend, css

Where we’re reminded that the stacking contexts with CSS is not tied to the DOM tree… Yay for making complicated rules which means you’ll create such stacking contexts unexpectedly. This article comes with a couple of nice tricks to make things easier though like the isolation property. The CSS Stacking Context Inspector browser extension is good too.

Best Practices Around Production Ready Web Apps with Docker Compose — Nick Janetakis

Tags: tech, docker

Lots of good ideas on how to use docker-compose in development vs in production. Very web app oriented as the title imply but contains a few nuggets which make sense for desktop or embedded use as well.

Logging is important – Giovanni Collazo

Tags: tech, logging

Very sensible and simple advises on how to do logging in your application. Just lacks a bit a discussion on how to use the different log levels.

ongoing by Tim Bray · Testing in the Twenties

Tags: tech, tests, craftsmanship, programming

I’ve been banging the testing drum for so long I’d have a hard time to not violently agree with that article. I have a couple of beefs with it though, like the sacrificing encapsulation point but other than that…

On the Diverse And Fantastical Shapes of Testing

Tags: tech, tests

More on the test pyramid debate… As usual looking at the history of a concept and carefully evaluating how things are named is very enlightening. This is a must read.

Conditional HTTP GET: The fastest requests need no response body | Ilija Eftimov ⚡️

Tags: tech, http, caching

Very interesting deep dive into conditional HTTP requests. It fully covers ETag and Last-Modified.

Enhancing Photorealism Enhancement

Tags: tech, neural-networks, ai, 3d, gaming

After the denoiser of raytracing images from Nvidia, here is a neural network approach from Intel to make game output photorealistic. Using the G-buffers as input is particularly clever.

2.93 LTS —

Tags: tech, blender, 3d

Not that I’m able to do anything really meaningful and beautiful with it and still… I’m super excited by all the progress they’re making. It’s really great tool and great tech.

Amazon Tracks Unregretted Attrition Rate, People It’s Not Sad to Lose

Tags: management, amazon

And you thought work culture in that company couldn’t be worse? Well… think again.

Let’s Make It Easy • Woody Zuill • GOTO 2021 - YouTube

Tags: tech, management, problem-solving

Interesting talk about management and why it’s hard. It touches upon problem solving and why we fail at it. In short we often look at symptoms and not problems. To make things worse we often try to solve them at the wrong place out of sheer ignorance.

It’s also a very humble talk which I always appreciate.

The art of the SWAG - Jacob Kaplan-Moss

Tags: tech, project-management, estimates

Another nice piece about estimates. This time for the tough times when you’re asked a quick ballpark number. The best piece of advises in there: know when you shouldn’t do it at all, and, if you go for it sound vague.

I’d even add “you can never be to vague”. Even if you go for “a few weeks, maybe two or three” very often people here “two weeks”. Don’t hesitate to hammer down the uncertainty in all this.

Return to Office: Employees Are Quitting Instead of Giving Up Work From Home - Bloomberg

Tags: management, hr, remote-working

Looks like some people fell in love with remote working during the past year. Won’t be easy to let go of it for them (for good reasons IMHO, I’m obviously biased).

What It Takes to Run a Great Hybrid Meeting

Tags: management, remote-working

That’s a lot of good advises to deal with hybrid meetings (some people on site and some remote). In a way that boils down to “put yourselves in the shoes of the remote participants, what do they see and hear?” but there’s a couple of extra one.

I particularly like the idea of having remote participants being assigned an in-room “avatar”.

Bye for now!