Let’s go for my web review for the week 2021-21.

World now likely to hit watershed 1.5 °C rise in next five years, warns UN weather agency | | UN News

Tags: climate

Maybe it’s time governments get real about this?

One Man’s Fight for the Right to Repair Broken MacBooks

Tags: tech, repair

Important advocacy, the right to repair has to become huge in the coming years. Guillaume Rozier : le chevalier Scraper et sans reproches.

Tags: covidtracker, healthdatahub

Article in French

What is the existence of CovidTracker, the definition of the HealthDataHub and the communication around them by the French Government says about the abilities and mindset of the French State? Not much good… it’s basically about trumping individualism and abandoning the regalian to the platforms even more.

So. They know my mom’s toothpaste….

Tags: tech, metadata, surveillance

If you still wonder how ads work on the web and on mobile, this thread summarizes it well. They just farm us.

Freenode IRC operators now engaging in routine abuses of power

Tags: tech, irc, freenode

Well… That escalated quickly it seems. Clearly we can’t trust that network anymore.

Upheaval at freenode []

Tags: tech, irc, freenode

The Freenode drama keeps unfolding… disgusting.

One week of Libera Chat | Libera Chat

Tags: tech, irc, freenode, liberachat

At least it looks like they’re doing well for now. Let’s hope it keeps growing.

Learn CSS

Tags: tech, web, frontend, css

Looks like a very comprehensive course about CSS.

voice2json | Command-line tools for speech and intent recognition on Linux

Tags: tech, ai, speech, intent

Looks like an interesting engine for offline intent recognition.

Why Decentralised Applications Don’t Work

Tags: tech, fediverse

This is definitely not for technical reasons only. Another case of “this is not a tool problem”, it’s really politics.

Client Tracing: Understanding Mobile and Desktop Application Performance at Scale - Slack Engineering

Tags: tech, logging, tracing

Interesting article about tracing, especially on the client side and how to correlate it with the server side tracing.

Arm Announces Mobile Armv9 CPU Microarchitectures: Cortex-X2, Cortex-A710 & Cortex-A510

Tags: tech, cpu, arm

Quite some movement in the ARM space. Interesting stuff.

It’s probably time to stop recommending Clean Code @ Things Of Interest

Tags: tech, programming, craftsmanship, book

Interestingly, I’m going through this book right now and indeed I have to agree with most of this article. It didn’t age well, it’s become a mix of nice advises, things which are kind of obvious nowadays and points which are clearly obsolete. I find that “The Clean Coder” (different topic I know) aged way better. I think I’ll give a shot to the proposed alternative book to see…

My Software Estimation Technique - Jacob Kaplan-Moss

Tags: tech, estimates

Looks like an interesting alternative to three point estimates. Indeed it feels a bit more complex at first but in practice it might require less discipline than three point estimates. Often three point estimates can devolve into forced distribution for tasks. I have already seen enough time cases where most likely is always say twice the optimistic case, and pessimistic four times the optimistic case for all tasks. By forcing to explicitly treat the uncertainty as a separate metric it’s seems less error prone.

Second-guessing the modern web -

Tags: tech, web, frontend, react

I think this piece is getting quite a few points right. The SPA for everything trend rubs me the wrong way at least. As usual: use the right tool for the job.


Tags: tech, web, javascript, frontend

In my question for simpler web frontends, this looks like an interesting library. It’s built on Custom Elements (part of the Web Components effort) and is just a tiny bit of Javascript. Sounds neat and tidy.

Dorodango, the Japanese art of making mud balls - Laurence King Blog

Tags: art, surprising, japan

Interesting art form, I didn’t know about it. This is fascinating how an activity so humble can be turned into something seeking some sort of perfection.

What Are You Doing With Your Life? The Tail End - YouTube

Tags: philosophy

Another way to get into “carpe diem” mode I guess. :-)

Bye for now!