Let’s go for my web review for the week 2021-18.

CSRF, CORS, and HTTP Security headers Demystified

Tags: tech, http, security

Nice summary of several security headers you can have to deal with for HTTP.

The Fediverse – What About Ressources? – WindfluechterNet Blog

Tags: tech, fediverse, social-media, xmpp, matrix

Not very scientific but gives a rough idea of which services are heavy or not in the fediverse. Matrix seems to be still dismal in that regard… I wonder if we’ll see a revival of XMPP, that’d be very funny. - Will Linux Phones stay around this time?

Tags: tech, linux, pinephone, smartphone

Looks like the situation is still fragile for Linux phones but it’s brighter than ever.

The compiler will optimize that away | RoyalSloth

Tags: tech, performance, data-oriented, object-oriented

Excellent reminder about where the limit is for the compiler to optimize things. Nowadays it’s mostly about the memory accesses and then it means that the design matters a lot. Object-oriented designs being far from optimal here. Data-oriented designs fare much better but are definitely less friendly for human brains to reason about them.

Practical SQL for Data Analysis | Haki Benita

Tags: tech, pandas, data-science, databases, sql, postgresql

A good example of using the best tool for the job. Having your whole data analysis pipeline in pandas might not be what you want for performance reason. Very often there’s a relational database you can leverage first.

How does a mutex work? What does it cost? – Musing Mortoray

Tags: tech, multithreading

Ever wondered what’s hiding behind a mutex? This article goes a good job to explain this.

France’s highest court validates mass surveillance in the long term - European Digital Rights (EDRi)

Tags: tech, surveillance

Such a lovely country… Ruling in favor of mass surveillance (again, shall I say) which goes against the CJEU rulings. Way to go… sigh

GitHub - jendrikseipp/vulture: Find dead Python code

Tags: tech, python

Sounds like an interesting tool for Python projects.

You are what you do, not what you say or write – Baldur Bjarnason

Tags: tech, management

In the fallout of the Basecamp debacle a good reminder: talk is cheap, it’s how you act which matters.

Bye for now!