Let’s go for my web review for the week 2021-17.

Gonna fly now: why I’ve left Silicon Valley’s lions for Vultr | Hacker Noon

Tags: tech, cloud

A bit too much on the advertising tone for my taste. But still there is a good point trying to get out of that piece: we need more independent cloud providers. I wish companies would stop running to the big ones by default.

5 Ways to Prioritise Your Product Backlog | Hacker Noon

Tags: tech, product-management, agile

Or why you need proper product management: it requires skills and time. Otherwise it’s just botched and product gets developed in “firefighting mode” all the time. This article is a good primer on a few technics for grooming the product backlog.

Don’t hire top talent; hire for weaknesses.

Tags: leadership, management, hr, hiring

Very good piece, I agree with all the advices in there. That being said, it’s often difficult to apply. This is because it requires quite a lot of self-awareness from teams and not everyone is willing to work on themselves to realize their weaknesses in the first place.

Also I’d stress one point which I don’t find pushed enough in that article. Very often you want persons who might not make your team stronger now but will over time. This even works better in my experience. Hiring is a bit like gardening in a way: it’s also about keeping in mind how the people joining the team will bloom in that particular context and how it’ll improve the landscape.

CSS Tips - Marko Denic - Web Developer

Tags: tech, frontend, css

Nice collection of effects which can be done purely using CSS. Really shows that JavaScript is often over used.

Hundreds lose internet service in northern B.C. after beaver chews through cable | CBC News

Tags: surprising

Never trust a beaver! More seriously this is a good reminder of how fragile our infrastructures can be.

Q&A with Grafana Labs CEO Raj Dutt about our licensing changes | Grafana Labs

Tags: tech, free-software

Interesting move, sounds like a much better path than the SSPL one.

We were promised Strong AI, but instead we got metadata analysis

Tags: tech, ai, metadata

Interesting take on why AI gets constantly displaced by more mundane metadata.

Deep dive in CORS: History, how it works, and best practices | Ilija Eftimov ⚡️

Tags: tech, http, cors, web

This is a good resource explaining most of what one needs to know about Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS). As usual in such articles, the historical bits are particularly insightful.

Why did the IETF specifically choose 192.16816 to be a private IP address class?

Tags: tech, internet, history

Interesting question, and luckily the top answer is coming from someone who put in the work and memory to do a thorough history recap. Interesting stuff.

The Most Extreme Things in the Universe - Ultimate Guide to Black Holes - YouTube

Tags: science

Black holes definitely keep being fascinating. :-)

Bye for now!