Let’s go for my web review for the week 2021-14.

What are Insecure Direct Object References (IDOR)? | Hacker Noon

Tags: tech, security

A way to common mistake which can blow the security of your service

This blog is now hosted on a GPS/LTE modem

Tags: tech, pinephone, hacking

Now, this is a really cool hack on the PinePhone!

Adactio: Journal—The principle of most availability

Tags: tech, architecture, web, frontend, sms

I recognize myself quite a bit into that: boring but pervasive technologies is generally good for users.

What problems do people solve with strace?

Tags: tech, system, strace, backend

Excellent reminder of how awesome strace is. This is one tool every developer needs to know, it often saves the day when everything else fails.

10 Things I Hate About PostgreSQL | by Rick Branson | Medium

Tags: tech, sql, postgresql

Because when things are presented a bit too rosy I get suspicious… it’s nice to have such counterpoints to realize PostgreSQL is not perfect which means there are scenarios where you might not want it.

Down on Scrum

Tags: tech, scrum, agile

Excellent take from Ron Jeffries about the current state of the Scrum industry. So many certified Scrum Masters that it’s not fun anymore and likely useless… if not outright harmful. That’s in part why I always refused to be certified. This kind of schemes tend to lead to such abuses.

What Movie Studios Refuse to Understand About Streaming | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Tags: streaming, movie, licensing, vendor-lockin

It exactly explains my beef toward the streaming platforms. It just creates the old movie studios cartel and push them to hoard intellectual property to have exclusive content. Things would probably have been less dire with a global licensing system.

Screw it, I’ll host it myself • Marko Živanović

Tags: tech, backup, self-hosting

If you’re a bit technical this is completely doable. It’s somewhat similar to what I’m doing at home. Gave me a couple of ideas on what to improve too.

All C++20 core language features with examples | Oleksandr Koval’s blog

Tags: tech, c++

A comprehensive catalog of C++20 language features.

Embrace the Grind - Jacob Kaplan-Moss

Tags: tech, craftsmanship

Very good advice, there’s a lot in programming which is really just mundane and boring. That doesn’t make it easy but you might end up doing what everyone else tried to avoid.

CPU algorithm trains deep neural nets up to 15 times faster than top GPU trainers

Tags: tech, ai, machine-learning

Interesting, could be a another breakthrough in training performance.

Idempotence Now Prevents Pain Later by Eric Lathrop

Tags: tech, programming

Good reminder of why idempotence is a very important property.

How to make an awesome Python package in 2021 | Anton Zhiyanov

Tags: tech, python

Interesting advices on how to package your python tools.

Bye for now!