Sketchnotes at Akademy 2019

Sep 8, 2019 | 2 minutes read

Tags: Akademy, KDE, Sketchnotes

The conference part of this year’s Akademy is now over. Like last year, I did live sketchnoting of all the sessions I attended.

Obviously, the first keynote from Lars talking about the Qt 6 plans was very important for the community and I think I did an adequate job there:

I don’t think I made the KDE e.V. Board Report shine… sorry about that, but that’s again a very important community landmark:

The second keynote about Open Source in Italian Public Administrations was also interesting and the sketchnotes ended up not too bad:

As far as sketchnoting goes, I think the one I’m the most proud of this year is the one done during the KPublicTransport session (the talk was very interesting as well, good content):

And finally, like last year, the lightning talk session was very challenging. I think it’s in part due to the fast pace of the talks. Since the session was shorter though (it was only 4 talks) I decided to constraint myself to a single page for all of them. I think it was worth it and I’m happy with the result:

If you want to see more (there’s almost 20 of them, I didn’t list them all here), the full list of sketchnotes are in the Akademy 2019 gallery.

I hope you like them and will find them useful. As usual they give a different perspective on the conference content.