Frameworks Finding Their Voice

May 7, 2013 | 2 minutes read

Tags: KDE, Frameworks

I didn’t make noise about KDE Frameworks for a while now, and to the outside it could look like it wasn’t making progress. Let me assure you: this is not the truth. Admittedly, I decided to take a risk a few months ago… I stopped communicating or reaching toward people to get more contributors.

Why would I take such a risk? Well, we hit a major road block in the form of KDEUI. The complexity was so high there, that as soon as someone was trying to split something out they were daunted by the task. That’s why I stopped trying to bring more people in… what’s the use if they then walk away in disgust? I’d rather have them do stuff they take pride in.

And so I took the risk, went into a sort of retreat to focus all my energy on trying to find a way to slay the beast. I can tell you it has been months of work to remove the difficult parts of KDEUI in order to make it more inviting to people. It’s not all solved of course, but we’re at a point where the beast is about to die… we have to collectively strike it once more to put it to rest before moving to other fun areas.

That’s why, today, I am glad to announce that the battle plan to split KDEUI is finally published. I am able to concentrate on other people again, and so expect more communication and help from me (it even picked up a bit already).

All people wanting to push KDE Frameworks forward are invited to pick tasks either to split KDEUI or push our contributions to Qt forward. Both are surely needed and most of the tasks there should have a similar size.

If you are interested, please contact us by email on kde-frameworks-devel, or on IRC at #kde-devel. If you are not sure what to pick we can help you get started and select something matching your skills. If you have issues with your task and are unsure what to do we can help you.

We also plan to hold regular meetings to share efforts and progress. They will happen on #kde-devel every Tuesday at 4pm (UTC+2).

Hoping to see you there! Let’s bring KDEUI down.