KDE Frameworks 5 volunteer day 2

Mar 22, 2012 | 1 minute read

Tags: KDE, Frameworks, KF5

You want to help us make progresses on KDE Frameworks 5… But you missed the volunteer day? No problem! It wasn’t a one time event, and we’re having the second edition this week-end!

We’re of course a bit sorry for the late notice, we’ll try to announce the next one more in advance.

Come and join us! Saturday March 24 on Freenode #kde-devel channel!

This day will be mentored by Sune Vuorela (svuorela), Dario Freddi (drf) and David Faure (dfaure) from 10am to 6pm CET. Feel free to ping them on the channel.

They will be around to guide you and answer all the questions you could have on KDE Frameworks 5.

Pre-requisites: Qt 4.8, a build of kdelibs frameworks branch (note the you will need cmake 2.8.7 for it or the cmake git version and a clone of extra-cmake-modules). You can also read the Frameworks Community wiki pages in order to learn more about Frameworks internals.

Remember Saturday, 10am to 6pm CET, #kde-devel on Freenode, be there, help our community!