Osnabrück KDE PIM Sprint 2012

Feb 12, 2012 | 2 minutes read

Tags: KDE, PIM, IMAP, Zanshin

Just a quicky on “what I did this week-end”.

And yet another week-end which went away like a blast… of course it was again the fault of KDE! I went all the way to Osnabrück to attend the traditional KDE PIM sprint. This one was a first for me despite the fact that it was its tenth edition.

My plan before flying in was simple and easy to remember: “Sit with David Faure and fix all his IMAP bugs”. It turned out not that easy to apply in practice. Of course, there’s always something unexpected… sometimes pleasant, sometimes not.

For the unpleasant part, we had a tough luck on Friday: David’s travel wasn’t smooth at all so he arrived only during the night, while I had a terrible headache during the afternoon and the evening which made me only able to triage bugs (and at a very slow pace even…).

The pleasantly unexpected event which turned me away from my initial simple plan was the presence of Christian Mollekopf and Björn Balazs. I work with Christian on Zanshin, and I already interacted with Björn quite a bit during the Forge 2011 for usability work… one plus one being equal to lots, we ended up having meetings to discuss the interaction schemes for Zanshin 0.3. I have to say I’m pleased with the results so far. There’s still a few gray areas but I think we’ll decide on those when we turn the ideas into code.

And for the IMAP support? Well let’s say that despite the disturbances which turned me away from my plan, the bug count went drastically down. On arrival, there was a bit more than forty bug reports against the IMAP resource, and between the triaging and the bugfixes we worked on with David I’m now leaving the sprint with only twenty known bugs (also a couple will likely get closed shortly since patches are in the work).

And again, a fairly nice and productive sprint, courtesy of KDE. I looove this community!