Zanshin 0.2 RC1

Oct 10, 2011 | 2 minutes read

Tags: Akonadi, KDE, Zanshin

A few weeks ago we released Zanshin 0.2 beta2, and I’m glad to announce the immediate availability of Zanshin 0.2 RC1. Except if any showstopper bug is reported, it will be the last stop before 0.2 final.

I’d also like to use the opportunity to report a few changes regarding contributions and adoption. We’ve seen tremendous activity on the packaging front since the previous release:

  • It is available for openSUSE and Gentoo as previously announced;
  • It is now available for Fedora thanks to Christoph Wickert of Kolab Systems, you can grab it from Christoph’s repository and it’ll hopefully get into Fedora itself soon;
  • I got pointed out that it was already available in Arch User Repository;
  • Kartik Mistry volunteered to package it for Debian, so we’ll have some good news there soon hopefully;
  • Patrick Spendrin confirmed to me that it got added to the KDE-Windows port, and so it was officially released with the KDE-Windows 4.7.0 release;
  • On Mac? I got users building it for themselves reporting it to work, but no official packaging yet.

I’m glad to see so many people stepping up like that, bringing some GTD goodness wrapped in Free Software to more and more potential users.

And since some people pointed it out on my previous post, yes we need a website, screenshots and so on. We’ve been aware of it for a while, but we’ve been too busy working on the software itself. The feedback on Zanshin 0.2 beta2 didn’t bring many issues, so we used the extra time to work on a website. It’s not ready for prime time yet, but we hope to go live with 0.2 final.

If you want to get Zanshin from sources, the tarballs are available, at the same place than usual on

And of course, you can still git clone kde:zanshin if you want the bleeding edge or if you wish to contribute to the code.

Now we’re waiting a bit for your feedback. We have exactly one minor bug left in our list and the future website need some extra polish. Hopefully at this pace we won’t need a 0.2 RC2.