Zanshin 0.2 alpha2

May 10, 2011 | 2 minutes read

Tags: Akonadi, KDE, Zanshin

After quite some work on stabilizing, testing the core, and adding some extra features, I’m happy to announce that I just tagged Zanshin 0.2 alpha2!

The big highlight of this alpha is the availability of a new krunner plugin, so that you can easily collect todos even when Zanshin isn’t running. Bring up krunner, type in “todo: buy apples”, and the newly created todo will be waiting for you in your inbox the next time you look at your Zanshin window. Collect from anywhere on your desktop now!

We also added an extra dialog to configure Akonadi resources which is displayed on first run, and better defaults for the columns and window sizes, which should provide a smoother experience for new users. And of course it comes with more automated tests, and bugfixes.

If everything goes well, it should be our last alpha, and we should proceed with 0.2 beta1 next. For those interested, it is available for openSUSE in my home:ervin repository. For the people wanting to build from sources, it is still a git clone kde:zanshin away.

I’d like to thanks Mario Bensi and Benjamin Port who have been fearless bug hunters for that release. Way to go guys!

PS: As mentionned, I package it for openSUSE myself as it is my distro of choice, but we’re obviously looking for packagers targetting other distributions. If you’re already working on such packages, or are willing to work on them, please get in touch with me for improving synchronization toward the 0.2 release.