Tokamak 5 D5: People and Sticky Notes

Apr 30, 2011 | 2 minutes read

Tags: KDE, Plasma, Tokamak

OK, the week has be epic so far! That’s why I didn’t blog regularly as I usually try to do during sprints and conferences. Still we achieved a LOT of work here… I wouldn’t even know where to start to list all the topics we touched here. Good energy going on still, although we see more and more cases of “OK, I need a break”. :-)

I kept playing the agile coach here, we had our daily standup meetings, which was great to keep everyone informed of what was going on, or any identified blockers. So our Kanban really gave the nice results we were looking for: visbility and pace. But the most important is that it doesn’t seem to have been perceived by the people here as a constraint but as an enabler, which is good: people first! That’s what KDE is about.

People and sticky notes That’s one of the last pictures I took where you can see our sticky notes. We just spent some time to clean up the window of those sticky notes to fill them in an iceScrum instance. The Plasma people are on board trying to experiment with a new way of keeping up with their engineering practices… Let’s try to control the chaos! We’ll see how it goes with that experiment in the next few weeks.