Zanshin 0.2 alpha1

Feb 7, 2011 | 2 minutes read

Tags: Akonadi, KDE, PIM, Zanshin

Some people might remember that I was rambling a while back about a TODO management application named Zanshin. It even has a few users… they have probably been wondering why it got stuck at this mysterious non advertised 0.1 version.

Don’t fear anymore dear users, Zanshin is not dead, it is pretty much alive, and we just tagged 0.2 alpha1 today!

It took us a while, we had to rewrite quite some bits in order to benefit from the new additions of the Akonadi ecosystem we would have missed otherwise. So we’re back, and we plan at least one more alpha, before going in the beta cycle. It is your chance to give us feedback early on to get a solid 0.2 release.

Of course it is an alpha, so it might not suit you for production use… Personally I switched to it in production and it didn’t burn my home yet. It will soon be available for openSUSE in my home:ervin repository, once it gets out of the build farm (already the case for factory, not yet for 11.3). If you’re building from sources, it’s only a “git clone kde:zanshin.git” away (we’re actually among the first projects to migrate there).

I’d like to give a big kudo to Mario Bensi, who is working with me on Zanshin. He did a tremendous job on that alpha. For the last month I’ve been mostly giving architecture directions and reviewing patches… still I had difficulties to keep up with the patch stream he was sending my way. Great job Mario!

PS: As mentionned, I package it for openSUSE myself as it is my distro of choice, but we’re obviously looking for fearless packagers targetting other distributions.