AK2010, D+3: Meetings, Meetings, Meetings

Jul 6, 2010 | 1 minute read

Tags: Akademy, KDE, Mobile, PIM

Unlike planned today, I actually hacked until early in the morning… But managed to get enough sleep to be lively today which was basically a long stream of meetings for me. Two highlights of the day:

  • KDE Mobile BoF, where actually quite a few people attended, many more than I expected. We made nice progresses there, discussing the ecosystem how to integrate there, how to push forward the modularization of our platform. Very nice group we had there, although it was somewhat large it was also very well disciplined. I’ll have to update our wiki accordingly now;
  • KDE PIM BoF, discussing post 4.5 plans and so on. That’s where I’m sitting right now. :-)

Nice day overall, looking forward to tomorrow where I’ll put my metalworker hat on with a couple of Solid BoFs.