AK2010, D+2: KDE e.V. AGM World Record

Jul 5, 2010 | 2 minutes read

Tags: KDE, KDE e.V.

We made it! Yes! We made it!

“Made what?” you might ask… Well, today was our “day long” general assembly meeting of the KDE e.V. We call it “day long” because it’s usually the time needed to get through it. Last year we made it in half a day though, and we set a new record of efficiency, only three hours! New world record!

We’re definitely getting good at it, and it’s not that we’re less careful, I think we just grown up as an organization and we’re getting better at this kind of exercise.

Obviously, we then had some unforeseen time for hacking and meetings. I didn’t get much hacking done though, I started preparing for the next round of university projects in Toulouse, collecting ideas, checking with people if that’s actually feasible and so on.

Enjoyed tonight a relaxing indian dinner with Claudia, Paul and Pradeepto. After that we were all thirsty (for some reason the indian place was damn hot inside), so just stopped at a pub next to TOAS and spent a couple hours attracting gearheads in the bar for a drink… And at some point I headed out with David for a late hacking at the TOAS itself.

Tomorrow my tour of BoFs starts… maybe I shouldn’t hack until too late, or well, early in the morning.