AK2010, D+1: Let's be elegant

Jul 4, 2010 | 1 minute read

Tags: Akademy, Elegance, KDE, Silk

A few nice talks today, I found Lubos talk on performance quite interesting, definitely give some ideas on what and what not to do when trying to improve your application performances. Also interesting was Sebastian talk about the project Silk which nicely shapes up, I hope to see more of his ideas deliver in the coming months/years.

Obvious highlight of the day: Aaron Seigo’s keynote “Reaching for Greatness”. Once again it was a very good moment of introspection on what’s going on in the community, and giving directions to satisfy our urge for excellence. I very much liked how he tied that to the concept of Elegance (yes, using an upper case E even). I won’t give more details as I far prefer people to actually watch the recorded version once it’ll be available.

I have to confess that I didn’t attend many talks today. I spent quite some time discussing architecture of our platform with people in the hallway.

Tomorrow, probably no blog from me as we’ll have the full day KDE e.V. general assembly. Looking forward to the hacking marathon starting on tuesday. We actually kind of started as I’m sitting in a room full of hackers in the TOAS Student House right now. :-)