AK2010, D-Day: I see mobile talks everywhere

Jul 3, 2010 | 2 minutes read

Tags: Akademy, KDE, Mobile

Today we had the first day of conference of Akademy. Plenty of nice talks (surprise!). Quite a few mobile related (surprise!). I was really looking forward to the development track which had only interesting topics, but unfortunately for me it wasn’t conveniently placed regarding my own talk and the talk of my students. So I could only attend the first one from Thomas McGuire, which was really good. Oh well, I guess I’ll virtually attend the other ones thanks to the recorded videos when they’ll be online.

Other highlights of the day were basically PIM on Mobile by Till, and Plasma Mobile by Alexis and Artur. Very nice talks as well!

My own talk about the KDE Platform Mobile happened at the end of the mobile track which was inconvenient for the aformentioned reason, but also because it was competing with the end of some random soccer game. ;-)

Last but not least, we had the talk done by my students about the projects in the Toulouse University. And they did a really decent job although that was really a first for them to hold such a talk in an international context. Definitely not an easy exercise which can be frightening at first. Well done guys!

And now that my talk is behind me I can feel free to hack late at night again… unfortunately not tonight as I’m nursing a terrible headache (which is why I left the party early unfortunately).