Some of you might remember that I graduated in october 2007. I finally managed to get the paper version of my diploma yesterday… Yes, more than two years after the facts. The best part is they managed to insert a typo in the title of my thesis on the diploma, so it seems I worked on “mulit-agent systems” and not “multi-agent systems”, why not after all. :-)

Let’s talk about some more interesting information now. I remember when I graduated that some people out there would have loved to get an english version of my thesis. If you’re one of those people, I have a good news for you. Just after graduating I worked on a long paper which covers the most core parts of my thesis, and adds some more information about a potential use in information search. This paper got accepted and published in the Journal of Logic and Computation issue of October 2009 (yes the review process is kind of slow).

If you’re interested in it, you can find more information about it in the page for the corresponding issue of the journal.