Tokamak4: Three sprints in one? Lies!

Feb 23, 2010 | 1 minute read

Tags: KDE, Solid, Tokamak

Since even before the start of Tokamak4, it has been pitched as a “three in one” sprint. But that was without counting on the Solid people. In the great tradition of hardware awareness in KDE, we’re doing our job correctly only if Solid gets unnoticed by the user… and nobody noticed that almost all the core “metalworkers” were attending Tokamak4.

So we used the opportunity to have a Solid meeting to summarize the current situation of our infrastructure, and to make plans for 2010. That includes quite a few of clean ups on our stack, but also more ambitious and cool stuff like reporting devices reachable via the network. If you’re interested in details, I sent a mail summarizing the Solid meeting at Tokamak4, and you should probably subscribe to kde-hardware-devel if you’re not there yet.