From the 9th to the 14th I’ve been near Mumbai to attend Pradeepto’s wedding. I didn’t spend time to visit Mumbai itself and shared all my time between Panvel and New Panvel.

I of course, once again, enjoyed the food… Maybe even a bit too much, I expect to come back home with some extra weight! I think it was hard to avoid some of it anyway, during the week of the wedding you end up with more meals than usual here.

I attended as many rituals as possible for Pradeepto’s wedding. Indian weddings are much more refined and complex than what we can find in western countries. You have to get through several rituals before the wedding, the ritual for the wedding itself is several hours long, and the day after there’s a few more rituals… At least that shows an true dedication.

One thing I found interesting is that during the rituals the atmosphere is less solemn that what we have in western countries. So that’s an interesting contrast between this particular atmosphere and the very complex and meaningful ceremonies. The best picture to show this is our own Pradeepto acting like a geek during the wedding ceremony:

Pradeepto's on the phone during the wedding ceremony My only frustration while attending, is that I couldn’t get the meaning of all the rituals, but I learnt a few interesting things nonetheless. Also, you have to keep in mind that this was a Bengali wedding, and depending on the region, weddings can be different in India (different rituals, more or less people coming, etc.).

So congrats to the new husband and wife:

Pradeepto and Mousumi