Blogs, day 2: KDE Project Day

Dec 6, 2007 | 1 minute read

Tags: Conference,, KDE

Daily report from (at least I try). It was the day were we had the KDE project day, so I was of course hanging in the KDE room all day. Unfortunately it was a quite remote room, which didn’t make it easy to find us, but we had our share of people, and at least we were sure they were motivated to find us. ;-)

Overall we had nice talks, and of course nice questions. I’m not that happy with my talks too, I think I somehow missed the target audience, but I learnt from this and will do better next time.

In the evening we had a nice party in a karaoke bar. The food was great, the people too. At the end of the party one of the organizer was drunk, she had to count us ten times to know how many taxis to get. In the end we had our taxi and went back to the hotel.

For those wondering: no, I won’t give the name of the drunk organizer for her own sake… I’ve been told it’d be disclosed by other bloggers anyway. :-)