Blogs, day 1: Namaste Bangalore

Dec 4, 2007 | 2 minutes read

Tags: Conference,

I got my flight to Bangalore yesterday after a night in a cheap hotel near CDG airport. In case you’d wonder: yes CDG airport is still as bad as usual… For instance I met Till and Volker there and we didn’t manage to buy wifi time there. Their portal was sooo confusing…

Anyway, we just sit in the plane and after a few hours (with a headache for me) we arrived safely in Bangalore airport. No bagage got lost so after a bit of waiting we got out of the airport. There, Atul and a couple of other people from organization.

We crashed out at the hotel and woke up ready for the first day of the conference. After breakfast we got to the venue which is a nice building in my opinion. I used my day to keep up with mail, prepare myself for tomorrow talks, add the final touch to my main conference talk and discuss with people. It’s really nice to meet them, lot of nice folks!

The lunch break was great too (I could I come here without talking about food?). I really enjoyed it, veggie and spicy! We also got joined by Danese Cooper and a few other people, the discussions were very interesting. Last but not least that’s the time when the famous Pradeepto joined us. Always a pleasure to see him!

Now leaving for dinner… Later people!