I'm a doctor!?

Oct 2, 2007 | 1 minute read

Tag: PhD

My defence was today… at last! I got very good feedback about my researches work for the last three years. That’s why I now have a Ph.D. in Computer Science with honors.

I guess my official title now would be “Doctor” in some countries, but it’s definitely unused in France. In any case it’s just nice to see this “complete”. I undertook to work on my research topic for three whole years, hoping to add a small piece to the human knowledge, and I apparently succeeded. It’s a very nice feeling despite all the difficulties along the path. It was definitely worth it.

On another note, that means that I’m now officially unemployed… Well, at least it gives me time to do the stupid amount of paperwork generated by my change of status. We all love bureaucracy, don’t we?