AK2007,D+2: Long day, nice evening

Jul 3, 2007 | 2 minutes read

Tags: Akademy, KDE

As promised, a short blog post today since I spent most of my day in the KDE e.V. general assembly. It consumed the whole day until 6pm.

It started with the Lord Provost reception in the town hall building. The building itself is very cosy and beautiful… but I couldn’t care less, there was plenty of free food available. FREE FOOOOOOD! Thanks goes to Trolltech for sponsoring this.

Then I teamed up with Aaron and Zack wandering around in the city. We ended up in a bar playing lot of good music (read: industrial, hard rock, etc.). We of course had drinks there, chatted for a long time, watching at japanese and chinese movies on their TVs. And, since there was a pinball there, we played with it something like one hour and a half. Was a nice way to celebrate Zack’s birthday!

Then, we crossed the street to another bar and listened to the last song of a blues man there. Very cool music again, and plenty of drunk people… Some of them just got interested in us and that was the beginning of a new journey. No idea where they wanted to go, but the girls just wanted us to follow, of course the boyfriends were really not impressed. As we walked with them we got relabeled “canadian”, “polish” and “frenchie” in no particular order.

At one point we got ride of them, and tried to find another place to stay… Problem being that at midnight all the bars are closed here. So, asking some people in the street we tried to find a place called “the Garage”, with a truck in front that we couldn’t miss. Looked like a good plan since it was supposed to be the busiest place in town. Then we walked, and walked… and walked through a no man’s land. Found a few uninteresting clubs, but no Garage or truck. Aaron and Zack were feeling hungry at 1am and almost ran into a noodle bar, when I noticed a trunk next to it… We finally found the Garage. After their very late dinner, or very early breakfast, we were all feeling tired, so we walked back home without even stepping up in the Garage.

We reached the hostel around 2:30am if I recall correctly. That was a very nice night with the right mix of drinks, music, drunk people and noodles. :-)