Phonon and Solid Oslo Sprint: Day 2 and 3

Apr 19, 2007 | 1 minute read

Tags: KDE, Phonon, Solid, Sprint

Tuesday and wednesday were basically spent doing API review and refactoring the public API to address the issues found. It’s great to get input from people experts in the field… After all their work on Qt proves they have a lot of expertise in making APIs which rock.

That’s why Solid is getting get a big facelift during this week. I’m cleaning it up at a lot of places, and had to refactor the internal API a bit. Hopefully now the most intrusive changes for the hardware discovery part are done. It’s kind of frustrating because I’d basically like to see this week last for a month. I opened the eyes in quite some shortcomings, and we probably won’t have the time to make a second round of API reviews.

So… Let’s get the most of this week! Back on furious hacking!