AK2006 D+8 : Back home, thanks to the community

Oct 1, 2006 | 2 minutes read

Tags: Akademy, KDE

I’m now back home for a few hours already. This week was great, but it always feel good to be at home. Moreover I had a very nice woman waiting for me at the airport, great motivation to come back. ;-)

This year aKademy was really great, I really enjoyed being there. I’d like to thanks (in no particular order):

  • Marcus Furlong, for being insane enough to organize aKademy;
  • Tink Bastian, who put a lot of work to make this event a success;
  • The sponsors, for helping to make it happen;
  • Peter Simonsson, for being such a nice guy;
  • Aaron Seigo, for his craziness;
  • Sebastian Klüger, for his ability to kick asses; ;-)
  • Adriaan de Groot, for the room sharing;
  • David Faure, for his wisdom;
  • Pradeepto Bhattacharya, for his sympathy and compassion;
  • Will Stephenson, because he rocks; ;-)
  • Kenneth Wimer, for being Kenneth Wimer (it’s always a pleasure to meet you);
  • Michaël Larouche, for wearing Iron Maiden T-Shirts (damn, I should have taken mines :-p);
  • Jonathan Riddell, for being the best minutes writer in the world;
  • The attendance and the speakers, because they’re the ones who make aKademy such a precious event;
  • The whole community, I’m really proud to have the privilege to work with so brilliant people.

I’m looking forward to meet all of you again!