AK2006 D+7 : The End is coming for us...

Sep 30, 2006 | 2 minutes read

Tags: Akademy, KDE

Today is officially the last day of aKademy 2006. As usual I’m staying until the last minute, which means that my plane is tomorrow morning at 7am. That also means that I’ll have to get up very early! Maybe I should change my plan and try to avoid sleeping this night. ;-)

It’s always a bit sad to see people leaving… But that’s to be able to meet and have fun again next year.

The biggest event for me today is that I switched to zsh after being a bash user for years. I doubt I’ll go back to bash one day. Zsh is really awesome, I’ll probably find a few more things to tune but it’s already quite interesting. Thanks a lot to Sebas for providing me an initial set of configuration files, it helped the transition.

I also shamelessly rebuilt my whole KDE trunk installation (and abused the icecream cluster) to have an organization similar to the one proposed by David in his talk about KDE 4 Development Setup. It makes a lot of thing more convenient and less time consuming. A lot of great tips in there, I strongly advise everyone to take a look at his how-to as soon as it’ll be made available.

That’s all for today, I’ll probably go back to the hostel soon now in order to enjoy the presence of the remaining people.