Today we finally made the Solid libraries enter kdelibs! That means that a most of the milestones of the roadmap are done. Now it’s mostly about polishing, writing more backends, and making use of it in applications. It couldn’t have been achieved without the help of Will Stephenson who mastered most of the network management classes all by himself. I’d like also to thank Laurent Montel who gaves a few advices related to the build system during the merge, and Dirk Mueller who already made a few pedantic cleanups on the code base. ;-)

After this achievement, I finally took some time to walk downtown with Peter. Dublin is really a nice city, I really enjoyed what I saw. We passed by the Saint Andrew’s Church which has an interesting architecture. This church somehow summarize this town quite well. It’s very old, and that’s what you notice first, but if you come closer you’ll see that on the inside it’s been renovated in a really modern way. Dublin is like this, it looks both old and modern.

We stopped by the Saint Stephen’s Green Park, walked a bit and sat on a bench. It’s a really nice a peaceful place. That’s actually interesting to look at people in this kind of place. Parents and children playing together, couples walking, people simply chatting… that’s really refreshing. We’re really lucky to have the opportunity to appreciate moments like this. Interestingly, a couple of elder people stopped by a bench next to the one we were sitting and started to sing together. It sounded like a very old and melancholic song. Precious moments…