AK2006 D+3 : ODF Day, Solid Refactoring

Sep 27, 2006 | 2 minutes read

Tags: Akademy, KDE, Solid

Today was the OpenDocument Day at aKademy. Very nice idea, it allowed a quite some people to get in contact about this important topic.

I attended the lighting talks and breakout sessions. Lot of interesting topics, but I won’t enter in more details here, there would be too much to write, and I’m a bit tired. ;-)

I made a break to attend the Strigi BoF. The design looks sane, its main developer cares about resources. It seems that we have a winner here. There’s only a few things that I dislike about the daemon part, in particular how the D-Bus support is implemented, it seems to be too much effort for the tools we currently have. But well that’s nothing critical, really.

This break was in fact during lunch time… So I get back directly to the lighting talks session of the OpenDocument Day. Luckily Peter kept me some food, so I was able to have a lunch after all. =)

During the breakout sessions I found some time to work on Solid to prepare its merge in kdelibs, that led me to some cleanup and refactoring. I’m waiting for the network related parts to be ready and then the merge will occur.

The OpenDocument Day ended with a sponsored dinner for all the attending people. Fine food and lot of talks… Once again a nice way to end the day. ;-)