AK2006 D+2 : General Assembly, Google party

Sep 25, 2006 | 1 minute read

Tags: Akademy, KDE

As expected, the KDE e.V. General Assembly took the whole day. The minutes are supposed to be available on the KDE e.V. website at one point so I won’t cover it’s content here, it would be too long anyway. :-)

Surprisingly we finished in time to be at the Google party for 6pm as expected. Quite nice, lot of free food a few people from Google to talk with (both from engineering and marketing departments) and of course a lot of KDE hackers.. They even made a small lottery with cool prizes… They definitely know how to receive and make you comfortable. Thanks a lot to Google for this nice evening.

After the party a few of us got to a bar nearby the university. Luckily I can reach our wifi network from here, so I’m blogging this from a cosy armchair with friends drinking beers around me. Nice way to end the day.