AK2006 D+1 : Last talks and awards

Sep 25, 2006 | 3 minutes read

Tags: Akademy, KDE

It was another great day here! I love this city, and this event. I took a real breakfast for a change, actually the free breakfast in the hostel is not really interesting, but there’s a restaurant next to it.

David’s talk was interesting because it provided plenty of nice tricks that make your life easier on day to day hacking. I heard you David, I’ll probably switch to zsh really soon now.

Anne Østergaard’s talk was also interesting, it put in light quite some interesting information about the men/women relationship in free software communities. She had a few not so easy questions in my opinion, and answered in a very clear way. I’m glad that she made this talk. Thank you Anne!

After the coffee break I attended Adriaan de Groot’s talk about the English Breakfast Network. Very interesting and useful stuff if you ask me. I also attended Julien Seward’s talk about Valgrind. This is really an awesome tool, and using it for a full KDE session is a kind of crazy idea. But that gave me another idea, this approach could be used in EBN. Since EBN is already doing some GUI automated testing, during this testing it could also be collecting valgrind data at the same time.

After lunch I attended Pau Garcia i Quiles’ talk. Interesting stuff, that’s surely the biggest Qt/Ruby application around.

Holger Freyther talk about KDE and Consumer Electronics was interesting. We can still improve in this department. I tend to disagree about his very technical view about the problem though, most improvements required are more cultural than technical in my opinion. Granted it’s not really something easy to fix, but we can work on it. ;-)

I also attended Richard Dale’s and Richard Moore’s talks. Also very interesting topics that will bring quite some interesting features for KDE4 if we embrace them. And we clearly have to embrace them.

I attended Coolo’s talk about Kickoff which showed quite some interesting usability studies result and a great prototype.

Finally I attended Will Stephenson’s talk about Network Management. Very nice talk, introduced some of the network related parts of Solid.

We ended the day with the aKademy awards. Congrats to all the winners you really deserve it! The awards were followed by a nice dinner concluding those two days of conference. I’d like to take the opportunity to thank all the people who made this event possible. In particular Marcus Furlong who drived the effort so nicely. I also have a special thought for Tink who put an awesome amount of work into it, even if she knew she wouldn’t be able to come. THANK YOU!

Now onto the day long e.V. membership meeting and the upcoming coding marathon! Conference is over, but not the whole event, more very good stuff is coming…