KDE Four Core : Day 6

Jul 6, 2006 | 1 minute read

Tags: Frameworks, KDE, Sprint

Yesterday night and today, I got back on porting and bugfixing mode. We’ve still some work to do to have everything ported to D-Bus so everybody is participating to this on going effort. I finally spotted a bug in kpersonalizer that made your session turn black… so now you can actually see the content of your windows. ;-)

Today, we started to see a few boxes having KDE 4 sessions running decently: kicker, kdesktop, konsole, kwrite… are running. Konqueror can be started by hand, but it still requires some work to make it launchable from the menu and kicker again. Of course it’s still rough on the edges, but that’s really nice to see all this running again after so many changes and refactoring. We’ve still so much to do, but the improvements made in the last few days are really motivating.

Just like yesterday, we had a truely nice lunch. It was prepared with love by Will, great coder, awesome cook. Thanks a lot Will!

Will -the cook- Stephenson This evening, we’re all hacking as usual. But it seems that today we have quite a concentration of “hackers on a couch”.

Hacking on a couch After all it’s a really nice place to hack, why not using it. ;-)