KDE Four Core : Day 5

Jul 5, 2006 | 1 minute read

Tags: Frameworks, KDE, Sprint

Today, I finally committed the last part of my job refactoring in KDE. We’ll finally have jobs usable accross KDE application without being tied to KIO. Moreover thanks to the UI delegate I introduced, the dependency on GUI is now optional. It can even be used to have several representations possible for a set of job. A UI Delegate for the command line, one for classical dialogs, one to publish job progresses in a Plasma message area.

Today meals were truely nice. For lunch, Will took the initiative to make pastas for everybody. Thanks a lot Will! For dinner the catering service provided us tons of food again. Almost no meat which is a nice thing for the vegetarians here… we don’t want them to starve. ;-)

This evening a big part of the Trysil team is watching the World Cup:

Another World Cup evening As you might have noticed, there’s one person really concentrated in front of the TV. Ok, let’s zoom in, see how Laurent is highly motivated by the french team:

Laurent concentrates on World Cup