Kubuntu Developers Summit, Paris, Day 3-5

Jun 23, 2006 | 2 minutes read

Tags: Conference, KDE, Ubuntu, UDS

Wednesday and thursday went nicely. We continued our work during BoF, some outcome will surely be interesting. In particular Adept usability will surely be improved, and the plan for powermanagement in edgy has been consolidated. This release will surely be quite interesting regarding both points. I’m confident that it’ll have some other improvements though. ;-)

Thursday afternoon, David Faure arrived and it was really nice to meet him again. It was a small surprise since we didn’t expect him that early.

We got contacted by Philippe Fremy that offered to meet in Paris center for dinner. All the KDE and Kubuntu attendance went in the center. We had some troubles to get there by train… apparently the police found a suspect baggage. We finally arrived but at least one hour later than expected. The italian restaurant was quite nice, we had a long table at the first floor and were almost alone during the dinner. It was an opportunity to strengthen even more the relationship between the KDE and Kubuntu communities. Thanks a lot Philippe for this good idea and the great evening.

Finally friday came after a very short night since we got back to the hotel early in the morning. After a few hours sleep we were ready to work again! A few more BoF took place… until some of us left one by one. It’s always sad to see people that you like are leaving: Ellen, David, Peter, Sebastian, Tonio, etc. This time I’ll also have a thought for Myriam Schweingruber, she’s a very kind person from the Free Software Foundation Europe. We had interesting discussions together and that was a great pleasure to have her around. I’ll miss you Myriam!

For this evening, I plan to stay away from the exciting stuff, which means that I won’t go to the “Au revoir Dinner” organized by Canonical in Paris center. I just don’t feel like going to sleep late and being in a hurry tomorrow to pack my stuff and go to the airport. So I’ll have dinner in a small restaurant nearby and I’ll surely be back early.

It marks the end of my report from the Kubuntu Developers Summit, see you later folks!