Kubuntu Developers Summit, Paris, Day 0-2

Jun 20, 2006 | 2 minutes read

Tags: Conference, KDE, Ubuntu, UDS

The Ubuntu Developers Summit is taking place near Paris since yesterday. I arrived in the hotel on sunday with two Canonical employees who work on Malone (afaik). They were quite friendly and we chatted a bit during sunday afternoon.

People came one by one, and we started to team up. I was glad to meet Jonathan Riddell once again, we shared some fun in a bumper car as one of his photos prove it. It was really nice to go into one of those after so many years, I was like a child for a moment. Thank you for this Jonathan! ;-)

During dinner we had the opportunity to wish Aaron a happy birthday, I hope it was a nice evening for him even if he was away from his home for this important day.

On monday, we had an introduction session. And then the BoF themselves… almost no kubuntu BoF were scheduled, so I attended other topics of interest, some of the discussions were really great. The idea of using TeamSpeak to allow people to virtually attend the submit is nice in theory, but proven to be difficult in practice (it tends to work badly on some computers, some people are missing headset, etc.). We’d surely need something to replace it.

Today, started a bit similarly to monday… A short introduction, and not many Kubuntu or KDE related BoF scheduled. It’s a bit unfortunate, but the KDE and Kubuntu people there decided to start to work on some of our topics today trying to fit in each others schedule. It was definitely the way to go, we’ve been really productive. At the moment sebas is even working on a prototype addressing the power management spec. “Strangely” we didn’t see Aaron much today… too much beer yesterday night? ;-)

It’s really a nice start for this summit, I’m looking forward to the next few days. We still have quite a few topics to address, but if we keep the productivity as high as today, I’m confident that we’ll finish in time.

Last but not least, I’d like to thanks again the Canonical crew and Mark Shuttleworth for the nice organization and the invitation, that’s really appreciated.