Progress on Solid

Feb 19, 2006 | 1 minute read

Tags: KDE, Solid

This week has also been interesting on the Solid front. The API is slowly improving (because of my limited spare time). And the day when we’ll have all the necessary classes and methods to port kio_media on Solid will surely come soon.

I’m currently implementing capabilities support, my primary targets are of course the ones necessary to manage media. Hence why storage and volume capabilities are half done. Even mount, unmount and eject support are there.

As expected, I’m focusing on the HAL backend, which had an interesting side-effect. This backend make an extensive use of our upcoming DBUS binding and then strengthen it by providing uses cases. For sure, it’s for the better and Thiago is really helpful in this area, I’m glad he maintains those bindings.

And before I forget, I’d like to point something new under the Solid umbrella : solidshell. This new tool will allow to the most important features of the framework from the command line. It already allows to list devices and to display their properties. Mount, unmount and eject are also provided.

During the following days/weeks I’ll focus on polishing what is currently there. After this (hopefully short) phase I’ll introduce more features again.