D+2: Preparing for departure

Oct 10, 2005 | 2 minutes read

Tags: Boston, Conference,, Gnome, KDE

Today is my last day in Boston. I’ll take my flight back to France in a few hours. I’m taking my time, relaxing a bit before I take my plane. I’ll surely go to the airport early and try to buy postcards from there… I didn’t manage to find an open postoffice, since it’s the Thanksgiving week-end, lot of shops are closed.

This week-end was really nice, attending this summit was really a great opportunity. I’ve been well accepted there, we had fruitful discussions, and I hope it’ll be the beginning of a better collaboration between KDE and Gnome in some important areas. We can definitely do a lot of interesting things and push the UNIX desktop at another level. It could become the only platform I know proposing two different desktops (in philosophy, etc.) while keeping consistency when it makes sense with shared frameworks under the hood. Of course, it’ll be a permanent trade-off to also keep diversity, and we’ll have to make compromises in order to make everybody happy… interesting times.

Finally, the funny thing is that I more or less discovered two cultures this week-end, the american culture and the Gnome hacker culture. Yes, they have a different culture in their own community, and that’s perfectly fine: diversity. I like to go in another country and discover some different habits, way of thinking, etc. I had this exact same feeling with the fellow Gnome hackers. Of course, I’m also happy to go back home, both in my country and in the KDE community. ;-)

Now, it’s time for me to move on, I’ll take a breakfast/lunch in one or two hours, and then try to find my way to the airport. I’ll surely won’t blog before I get home. See you later all!