This morning I woke up early, even if I get back to the hotel a bit late yesterday. We had dinner in the Cambridge Brewing Company yesterday night… It’s really an interesting concept, this bar/restaurant does its own beer! It’s really a nice restaurant… and of course a loooot of beer has been drunk at my table. Since most of the people I had dinner with arrived a bit late today, I suppose it was a bit hard for them to wake up. :-)

Finally, this morning we basically waited for people to arrive. Once again I was the first one in the Stata Center, changing timezone has some advantages after all, so I used some of my time putting together slides about my views on the current status of and how we could improve some things. Of course, I know some of my positions might not be shared, but I consider that it’s a nice way to try to present the “fd.o perception from the random KDE guy” now that I met some Gnome hackers.

I attended the DBUS BoF, it was interesting. It was the last BoF before lunch, so I jumped out of the room and fought again for pizza, another round of free food!

After lunch, we took some time with David Zeuthen and John Palmieri to discuss about HAL, NetworkManager, DBUS, etc. It opened some interesting opportunities for collaborating. I’m confident it’ll give some interesting results, some things are already in the pipe. I gave to David my slides about FreeDesktop, it could be the start of a broader thinking about FreeDesktop to go toward improvements.

It looks like we’ll sooner or later prove that we can get really good relationships between Gnome and KDE and share when it makes sense.