Today started with a call from Air France informing me that my flight from Toulouse to Paris CDG had been cancelled. Grrreat! Initially they only proposed me to take another flight going to Paris Orly (which means troubles to get to Paris CDG) or to reschedule for tomorrow (which is plain stupid when you have just two days). I told them I need some time to think about it (and take a shower and shave…). They finally called me back again proposing another flight going to CDG directly… but I had only 45 minutes to reach the airport and check-in. Which meant no breakfast… and possibly troubles for going from home to the airport. But thanks to E. (a fellow PhD student) who kindly proposed to take me to the airport I was in time!

And that was the start of a looooong day… since I got to CDG earlier than expected I waited more hours before taking my flight to Boston. I was wondering if the situation was about to get worse to the point where I would actually live in CDG (something similar to Tom Hanks situation in The Terminal). :-)

The flight went well, lot of time… reading, watching movies, “eating” in the plane, and finally we landed! Some formality with the border… which looks impressive to me. I mean they took my fingerprints, and a picture of me. As if the passport wasn’t enough… weird.

The last step was to reach the hotel, I took a courtesy bus and surprise the driver was speaking french almost fluently. :-)

So now, I’m writing this from the hotel, using the free wifi network. It’s really terrific, this is the best hotel I have ever seen! I had almost the feeling that I landed in another planet when I entered it. It looks a bit retro, that’s really a nice touch. I definitely like it.

Ok, time to sleep now… otherwise it’ll be difficult to be productive.