D+9 : The end, to be continued...

Sep 4, 2005 | 2 minutes read

Tags: Akademy, KDE

Yesterday night we had a beach party with a kind of barbecue (something typical in the area). The only problem from me is that they cooked only sardines this way, but there was more food so it wasn’t a real issue.

During the event, people quickly started to walk around. The place was really nice. We’ve seen KDE hackers swimming in the sea by night while a few others were playing freesbee on the beach (by night!?). Around midnight a show made by a school of Flamenco started. It was really a great moment, this dance is really a beautiful one in my opinion. I really enjoyed this show.

And finally, we waited for the bus to arrive and bring us back home. We were near a small restaurant, and of course, a few KDE hackers (no I won’t disclose the names :-p) were trying to hit on two or three women that were there. They obviously faced a conflict of resources, because well… women attract geeks, and they were quickly surrounded by ten, or twelve persons. =)

Today, I plan to keep hacking a bit… I don’t know how much time I’ll be able to access the net, we’ll see. Anyway I’ll surely do only small things, I’ll still be able to commit from home if needed.

I’m becoming really impatient to come back home. I feel the need to see my girlfriend. This feeling was present when I left home, and grew quickly during the conference. I’ll see her tomorrow in Toulouse airport when I arrive. I need to speak with her, take her hand, etc. I’m addicted to her.

Enough for today, next time I’ll blog from my home.