Some people left today, there’s obviously less people in the computer labs already. But, it doesn’t stop us to work on KDE! Today was very productive (attending no meeting helps).

I finished a thin layer around HAL which will be the backend for a new hardware discovery layer in KDE. It’s works nicely already. Using this small wrapper you can already list hardware with a very few lines of code. I’ll now build a full featured API on top of this to be able to do more complex manipulations in applications.

Since I needed a break on this kind of work I started to work again on my (almost) secret project… It’s something GUI based for a change, and I plan to make it as reusable as possible, I don’t know if I’ll be able to have something interesting before the end of aKademy. But I’ll continue to work on it after aKademy, I’ll blog again as soon as I have something demoable.

I’ll soon go back to the residence to have some food, and maybe some sleep (except if I continue hacking from there).