D+5 : Meeting day!

Sep 1, 2005 | 1 minute read

Tags: Akademy, KDE

Yesterday (D+5) was the meeting day for me. Or at least I tried since the first BoF about Plasma has been cancelled… Aaron didn’t show up.

In the afternoon, Zack made his talk and showed a demo… it was really cool eye candy, now we have to make a wise use of this, to improve the beauty of our desktop while having usability in mind. After this talk, I attended the build system meeting. The choice has been made to switch to scons+bksys, we’re aiming for a smooth transition of course. And people involvement will be an important factor for the success of this transition.

After the end of the meetings, we ended up in a restaurant in the city center… I was quite nice actually but a bit costly in my opinion. When we got back I turned on the computer to finish some experiments I hacked during the day (between the meetings obviously) since something wasn’t working… I ended up debugging the code in one of the library I use and found the bug! Now I have a fix I have to push upstream, but it basically works. Once again, more on this later. ;-)