D+4 : The "Best" Tapas Restaurant of Malaga...

Aug 31, 2005 | 1 minute read

Tags: Akademy, KDE

Ok, we were heading for dinner with a small gang, when someone proposed to go in near the beach in “the best tapas restaurant of Malaga”, which sounded like a very good idea after yesterday dinner. So, we took a Taxi… well in fact the group growed suddenly so much that we took three cabs to reach the restaurant.

After searching a bit we finally found the restaurant… which was in fact… a fish restaurant. Unfortunately I hate fish but well there was also some meat available so I managed to eat something. In order to get the things worse, the place was overpriced. And finally, since it was near the beach (which is well known to attract tourists), we had the pleasure to see several people coming in trying to sell random things (including awful flowers) or singing. I admit there was a nice Jazz band though.

Since a subgroup of the restaurant was tiread, or upset by all this tourists stuff, we decided to go back to the residence… So this time I go to sleep, one hour earlier, which is clearly a record since the start of the week!