Today I attended some interesting talks, but they were obviously less user or sysadmin oriented.

TaskJuggler : A KDE Project Management Software

This one was very interesting. I’m really looking forward to this project, looks like a very mature solution for project management. It has some very neat features like the ability to manage several related projects at the same time keeping track of subprojects for synchronization, etc. It can of course generate reports, and it has even the ability to generate iCal calendars for publishing (which is neat to distribute tasks to people).

The model used is really clean in my opinion. I’m wondering if it would benefit on some more higher level concepts as what we can find in process engineering (maybe it’s already doable, I don’t know) if not it could be very interesting to have TaskJuggler as a APES target. I’ll have to discuss a bit about this with Chris Schläger I guess.


Next speaker was Eva… who obviously had a hard time recovering from yesterday party. =)

Even if the talk was a bit slow it was really interesting and well structured. They’re basically working on a framework for computer telephony. I’m really looking forward to it.

Firefox port to KDE

Not much news there in my opinion. Basically, Konqueror can embed Gecko thanks to a KPart, there’s a Firefox port using KDE technologies that is in progress. To be fair, even if the talk wasn’t very informative, the project looks interesting, and it nicely illustrate that KDE is flexible enough to act as a truely integrative desktop.

The present and future of PIM synchronisation on the KDE desktop

Not much to say here since the talk was cancelled! Maybe the speaker couldn’t recover from the party… :-)

Cute, Embedded, Linux

Matthias Welwarsky from Archos SA gave us some insights from the PMA400 which is basically a music and video player, a webpad, a video recorder, a photo wallet and a PDA in only one device! It really looks nifty but as far as I know it’s costly. The content of the talk was really interesting, explaining some design choices.

Before the last talk I attended, the merchandising booth opened for the first time since the beginning of the conference! There was some pressure because it was well known that there’s not many konqis this year. On my side, I had the goal to buy two of them, since my father was jealous from the one I got last year, and one of my friends requested one. Unfortunately, Helio “The flying hacker” Castro managed to be faster than me and bought two of them! But luckily I bought the last one! Obviously this one will go to my father. I also took a T-shirt from the conference for me.

And finally, I attended the key signing party. It was an entertaining moment just like last year. And it’s finally a good way to meet some people I missed. This year I managed to get some more KDE core developers signatures to my collection, I now have Stephan Kulow himself in my keyring. :-)